E. B. Farnsworth

Mayor of Lake City


The current and long standing mayor of Lake City. Although his power is all but ceremonial. A dim, trusting, and meek sort, he is often taken advantage of.


Rumor has it he was “elected” by the more powerful businessmen in the town to avoid someone of any actual political power getting the office. Even though most people of actual influence dismiss him out of hand, he’s learned to use that to his advantage. He’s often picked up valuable information by standing in the corner and being ignored. He took a liking to a very young Levi Thompson, who seemed to have the same gift of gab that he himself had. He took Levi under his wing, making him “city scribe,” a completely meaningless title, allowing Levi to tag along wherever E. B. went. (WORK IN PROGRESS)

E. B. Farnsworth

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