28 Feb 2012

After looting the rooms and the carcasses of the downed Cowbots and Indidroids, the crew turns to the main warehouse.

Victor notices his arm is about the same, no change.

The toaster has gone into some sort of sleep mode for no known reason. The crew abandons him and examines the security door.

Shipping/Receiving is stenciled on the large metal door, a single red light shines on the keycard-lock. LR opens the door and stands aside while Prudence and Victor train firearms on the door. The door pops open after a lot of noise and humming from inside. LR fails to push the door open, then kicks it a good one and it swings to reveal a large warehouse with flickering lights.

A catwalk with a spiral staircase and a wheelchair lift access, and two ramps leading to a lower level under the office, each with a large security blast door. Several large warehouse shelves occupy the main level. Two recessed loading bays for trucks are lines up with the ramps to the lower level. The rusted hulk of a semi lies in one of them.

Three Indidroids occupy the empty truck bay, and three Cowbots stand on the rusted semi as though it was a stagecoach. The Indidriods charge the Cowbots, and at the end the last Indidroid stabbed the last Cowbot as the Cowbot shot the Indidroid in the central processor. LR and Prudence move to examine the wreckage while Victor climbs to the catwalk to provide cover. A large loader-model dressed like a Cowbot Sheriff steps out of the security door on the second level. In two of its arms it holds double-barreled shotguns, and a sheet metal sheriff’s star on his chest. Victor shits himself.

RSM walks into the room as HossBot stomps through the catwalk security door. LR jumps onto the truck and takes aim at the HossBot, scoring a massive hit with the salvaged CowBot .44 Mag revolver. It soaks the damage. Victor places a burst directly into it’s chest, but it doesn’t seem to have an effect. HossBot takes the lift, down destroying it in the process, and takes a shot at Victor, doing no damage but striking his armor. The second shot is better aimed, and deals Victor a serious injury. The toaster hits it with its rifle doing obviously serious damage. It says something cowboyish, and some of the CowBots on the truck start to stir. Kioshi levels his shotgun at the HossBot and delivers a ricochet off its armor plating, then runs to the truck bay and takes cover. Prudence fucks the HossBot’s shit up with her Winchester .30-30, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect. One of the CowBots on the rusty truck stands up and tries to shoot LR, but its gun falls apart. HossBot takes a shot at Prudence and misses wildly, then a shot at Victor but he ducks amazingly into flat concrete, then shotguns smoking HossBot stalks down to the security door down the ramp and starts to modem at it.

Prudence makes a dash in closer to HossBot then shoots it in the personality cartridge. It is super effective, causing a cascading short circuit inside and disabling it. LR tries to forcibly remove the personality cart from the nearest CowBot, but gets his hand stuck in the panel. He then misses a shot against the CowBot. Victor crawls into the ramp to take cover. Kioshi climbs a ladder onto the semi to join into the fight, and shoots the CowBot at the other end, distracting enough for to RSM disable it with a single shot. Prudence pops open, scans, then drops the first aid kit, and moves into position for a better shot.

RSM shoots at the CowBot with LR’s hand pinned, disabling it cleanly. LR looks over to see RSM’s cold, emotionless face, and gets the feeling that the robot wasn’t aiming at either of them in particular. Seeing no enemies remain, LR disloges his hand from the destroyed CowBot and starts pulling the cartridges from all the bot chassis around him. Kioshi starts examining Victor and makes patches him up reasonably well. RSM starts looting through the boxes, finds a bunch of electronic goods and an advanced photoreceptor set that could assist with lowlight robot-vision.

Victor finds several skeletons in the semi, as RSM attempts to salvage parts off HossBot. Prudence destroyed it thoroughly, but RSM manages to learn a bit about modifying robot systems. It also recovers some spare parts from the other CowBots and Indidroids.

The consensus is to clear out the top floor first, and with Victor wounded LR and Prudence elect to take point on the door. Victor pulls it open and reveals the executive offices. Wood paneled offices and a conference room, with nice carpets and leather furniture. The doors are open, in the main office a pair of androids dressed as Civil War union soldiers stand next to the desk, but the crew was able to pull the cartridges, both labeled Union Soldier. LR and Vic both take one of their caps. Seated at the desk is an old dried-out body in western rancher’s clothes, his name was Elroy “Hoss” Reynolds, according to the painting of him on his wall. His diary, found in the globe bar, detailed his western fetish. He bought the company because it was staffed by Flathead Indians, who promptly all quit. He bought robots to replace everyone but the upper management. His hat lies nearby with a bullet hole through it, from when Hoss shot himself, soon after the war started by the dates on his diary. A scrap of paper containing many passwords and codes is found in his vest. The wallsafe is behind the portrait, and within is the case for the revolver and ammunition, and 4 gold bars, and Hoss’ master cardkey. A bunch of luxury accommodation things are recovered from the executive offices.

The lower door opens and slides into the wall as RSM modems into the factory, a sensitive precision electronics manufacturing facility. Various pieces of androids in various states of construction, but is otherwise unoccupied. There is equipment for creating android technology and pieces. It’s got lasers.

3 CowBot carts
3 Indidroid carts
2 Union Soldier carts
2 cargo spaces of electronics trade goods
Gadget: Advanced photoreceptor set
2 Winchester .30-30s (ammo)
Globe bar
Hoss’ diary
Gold-filigreed Colt Single Action Army revolver (.45 Long Colt) with display case and ammo
Scrap of paper containing all of Hoss’ passwords and codes.
4 gold bars
1 cargo space of luxury office goods

28 Feb 2012

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