31 Jan 2012

Or, Loot with a Catch.

The crew is invited back to a large party on Kicking Horse. During this party L.R., as a representative of Lake City, is gifted a tribal shield as a symbol of friendship and alliance between the council and the town. Also given the key to S&K Holdings in Ronan, Montana, the crew is instructed to meet up with the friendly salvage team in that area.

Also some of the Blue Wolf spoils are divided up, a Kevlar Vest, and a couple boxes of shotgun ammo (24 shells). RSM-41 recovers two shortrange radios worth of parts from the detonators for the booby traps. Also a crude calendar is found gouged in a wall, something is anticipated to happen about 3 weeks from the invasion day, marked with a red paint. No further detail is obvious. The Kicking Horse folk drunkenly assure the crew (at the party), that they will have any further invasion well in hand.

During the party, Victor notices his arm is looking worse, with the green goo flowing in the veins of his arm. There is a short debate with Kioshi and RSM-41, and the thought of searching for parts to construct a replacement robot arm at S&K Holdings.

RSM-41 asks the Mayor about the building’s haunted nature, and is informed that previous attempts to loot the place were lost, with some screaming.

A gang of half a dozen rough-and-tumble scavengers carrying rifles, outfitted with radiation gear, gas masks, and other protective gear is waiting near the airship moorage. They approach with a friendly manner. Their leader is an stooped older gent with wispy white hair and a white scraggly beard, who greets L.R. and introduces himself as Ebenezer. Through the scope of one of the teams’ rifles, L.R. is shown the building to head for.

The S&K Holdings building is a mess. The windows are all smashed out, but covered in rubble and debris. The front glass doors are smashed and the reception area is trashed beyond usability. One industry award remains, and several parts that have been presented as models, RSM-41 recovers some spare parts from one. The double doors at the back of reception are locked with an electronic lock that doesn’t seem to be functioning. The robit knocks on the door, and a minute later the electronic lock beeps to life. The keycard given works, and the door opens. A thin hallway runs perpendicular to the doors. Offices line the wall behind, and a large secure door marked Shipping lies directly ahead. Hanging at the south end of the hallway is a skeleton hanged by the neck in cowboy getup. At the north end is a skeleton dressed in black and white movie cowboys-and-indians indian costume, also hanged from a flagpole. Victor loots the cowboy boots. The office doors on the south are labeled FORT (wood burned) Accounts Receivable, and (FORT) Human Resources. North side have CAMP Administration, and CAMP Information Technology. RSM attempts to open the Accounts Receivable door, finds it locked. Attempts to pop it with a screwdriver, and breaks the lock handily. The door opens easily, and inside is a trashed bunch of cubicles, and a couple offices in the back. Along a wall is a motivational cat hanging on a tree branch poster, with other rubble cleared away from it. There’s also a robot in the room, an Acer Whitecollar (SNK Acer Secretary Bot #32, redesignated Cowbot). It is facing the kitten poster, wearing cowboy clothes stitched together from other clothes (chaps stitched out of denim, a cowboy hat cobbled together from parts of leather shoes, a bolo tie made of CAT-5 cable, on a toolbelt worn like a gunbelt it wears a magnum revolver), and crouched in a gunfighter’s ready pose in front of the poster. RSM modems at it in robot, a standard handshake protocol.

The Cowbot turns to face the crew, still in the ready pose, and calls RSM “yella”, RSM replies it is more of a copper color. The Acer yells “DRAW” and pulls the revolver from the toolbelt. RSM gets the drop on him, and gets off the first shot. He scores a direct hit to the torso and the Cowbot’s shot goes wide into the ceiling. “Ya, got me…” he gasps, as the revolver tumbles out of his cold, robotic hands. The shot destroyed a ROM cartridge, evidently a “Cowboys and Indians: Cowboy” cartridge, by HASBRO, a personality cartridge. The room is summarily looted, including the offices.

Another Cowbot stands in the hallway outside HR, and RSM narrowly avoids a round by ducking back into FORT Accounts Receivable. Prudence leans out the door and cracks off a shot at the ‘bot, but misses against the doorframe. RSM takes a shot from the same, and scores a direct hit, destroying the second Cowbot. L.R. runs to the next door and discovers at least 2 more Cowbots. Victor shoots through the wall, but misses. Prudence shots through the door and destroys another bot, and Victor advances and shoots the remaining bot dead. Suddenly, an Indidroid (a huge four legged robot dressed in makeshift hilarious proportions of classic 1950s television-indian garb) appears from a north door and charges down the hallway toward the crew with two spears leveled in its large loader arms. Kioshi bravely runs up, sets his shotgun on L.R.’s shoulder, and hits the Indidroid solidly. RSM misses narrowly, knocking the paint off the N in a No Step sign with a ricochet. L.R. hits solidly with his compensation-pistol, and kills it outright. RSM manages to gain 2 clumps of useful components from the robots, and several pieces from the Indidroid.

Camp Information Technology contains several computers and a couple server racks. RSM salvages a ton of material, two full cargo spaces worth of intact electronics. Victor heads into Camp Administration, and discovers three more Indidroids. Prudence misses one, then RSM shoots one dead, and the two remaining Indidroids attack with spears. One hits RSM, doing a fair amount of damage. Kioshi shoots another one down, and L.R. leaps into the fray, shooting the last one at zero range and missing. Victor lets off a burst of 5.56 and three rounds ping off the robot’s thick plating, staggering it for Prudence to take it down a second later. This room is looted and keys are recovered, and enough parts to assemble a cargoloading system for the airship.

4x S&W Model 29, .44 Magnum, 17 shots remaining. (L.R., Prudence, and Vic each take one)
Acer robot mechanical parts, no electronics recovered.
“Hang In There” kitty poster (Prudence)
1 case of untouched, perfect printer paper.
Working USB-compatible printer, an HP
First Aid Kit (usable, almost full)
Quantity of personal cubicle goods, pictures frames, toys, a Starbucks mug, things like that.
CAT-5 Bolo (L.R.)
Kindle, locked onto dramatis personae page of Romeo and Juliet
Sweet Luxury office chair (Herman Miller Aeron Chair – new pilot’s chair?)
8 Spears
2 cargo spaces full of computers
Box of keys, marked Shipping, Truck 1, Truck 2, and office keys.
Roll of black gaff tape
12 zip ties (single use)

31 Jan 2012

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