Cryogenic Capsule

Also called a Cryogenic Coffin, these Capsules are sealed cases untouched by time.

The first one was found at The Shack, a trading post previously owned by the Manderville Family. It contained:

-4 bottles of wine
-A newspaper, the Denver Post, from the day it was sealed
-Seed vault, with an identifying booklet
-Several high-tech tools
-Several books
—Declaration of Independence
—Complete Works of Shakespeare, Unabridged
—Complete Walt Whitman
—King James Bible
—Huckle Berry Finn
-USB Key (2TB) full of music (deleted by RSM-41 because he’s a bastard)
-Astronaut Ice
-4 Hostess Cupcakes
—Laser level
—remote thermometer
-Microprint Rosetta Stone Sphere
-A letter to someone named Laura, with map coordinates

It is thought that there are more Capsules spread around the country.

Cryogenic Capsule

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