Session 10 Jan 2012

Guerilla Tactics

Kioshi looked at Victor’s arm, and in a flash of medical genius he established that the arm is getting worse, and if things don’t improve fairly soon the arm will have to be amputated. (Two more failures).

The Endeavour returns to Kicking Horse with the former St. Ignatians. Mayor Christiensen calls a war council, and the guard captain Duke Walton joins the crew for the attack. Plans for retaking St. Ignatius involve a skeleton crew aboard the Endeavor to provide battery and covering fire, and a ground force moving in quietly.

The Dickwolves took over the Post Office initially, and also have a presence at the Airport tower. The plan is to attack the airport outright with the airship-mounted tank gun from directly east, then circle the airship around to the south to draw fire. A ground component made up of Kioshi, L.R. Thompson, Duke Walton, and the dozen St. Ignatians will be staged north of the airport, to advance and take the tower as the Endeavour circles to the south.

Session 10 Jan 2012

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