Session 24 Jan 2012

or, In Soviet Russia, meat grinds YOU!

The airstrip is empty, with the light posts repurposed to mooring posts for airships. Some movement is spotted in the tower, the rest of the area appears deserted. It is decided that a goat breathing fire needs to be painted upon the Endeavor.

Vic fires the AT gun at the tower from the ship, destroying the top level. RSM-41 fires at a running sniper while Prudence holds the ship “as steady as a flying rock”. The airfield appears clear and the ground troops confirm that. There is a large booby trap under the main airship mooring post, connected to a demolition device in the airport building.

The Endeavor moves south and Vic blows a large hole in the side of the fire station, where movement was sighted. RSM-41 shoots a booby trap in front of the ground troops’ path, which explodes hugely but doesn’t hurt anymore.

Duke splits off with a handful of the ground troops to flank south, and Vic blows up the roof of the Post Office, partially collapsing the building. RSM-41 lays suppressing fire into the roof-hole to eliminate further threat within. Results seem decent.

L. R. and Kioshi lead their small group down Diamond St. toward the Fire Station, and spots another large booby trap in an intersection. Duke’s squad find another at Crystal and 2nd, setting it off but managing to take cover before being injured. As there are only two radios, Duke’s squad is out of communication. A response team from the post office moves into the street and opens fire. The robit opens the turret up on them, and makes good on his promise to kill all humans, laying down a shower of lead upon the attacking group, and leaving the leader Tam One-Ear shaken.

Victor brings the AT gun to bear on the group, and scores a direct hit upon Tam, wounding him and killing another mook. Tam and his mooks retreat to inside the building as L. R. and Kioshi advance their foot squad toward the commotion. Duke’s squad advances west on Crystal St, toward the post office and the other occupied building. L. R./Kioshi start to move their squad through the rubble toward the second building. Robit drops a bunch of lead on the Post Office, which rips a larger hole in the roof.

A group emerges from the ruins of the fire department, blowing the coal bomb for cover and attacking the L.R./Kioshi squad. Another group runs from the building to the west of the post office, taking cover in the post office block and setting to flank the L.R./Kioshi squad. Duke’s squad moves up and shoots at the post office crowd, but to no effect. Kioshi kills a man without hesitation.

The next shell into the post office kills several, but Tam One-Ear survives. A follow up shot does much better, killing most everyone in the building, including turning Tam One-Ear into chunky salsa.

The remainder of the oppositional force sensibly retreat.

From the Airport:
Scrap Armor (+2 Value)
Hunting rifle with scope (needs repair)
Pump shotgun x3
Knife x3
Double-handed cleaver (handmade)
Beretta 92 with 2 magazines
Spotter scope (needs repair)
Demolition equipment (left on site)

Session 24 Jan 2012

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