Session 3 Jan 2012

St. Ignatius & the Rebels

or, Oh God, Oh God, We’re All Going To Die

The crew has decided to return Irma to Lake City to gain support from the Ignatians there before attempting a retaking of the city proper.

The crew have also been told that St. Ignatius is the southernmost town part of a regional alliance called Kootenai Council. It is a local alliance of towns in what was, before the war, an Indian Reservation called the Flathead reservation. The capital is a floating town, a Thunderbird, called Kicking Horse. The danger, it looms.

The Council has been getting hard by raiders and pirates. The last time they sent a ship out to scout St. Ignatius, they were driven off by the occupying Dickwolves. The crew decides to investigate Kicking Horse before returning to Lake City.

The town is supported by five large gas bags, and suspended between them is the town built upon walkways and huge webbing, with Ewok-style buildings attached to the bags like fungus. A burst of cannon-fire warns the Endeavour to keep back before identifying themselves. Docked to the town is an airship about the size of the Endeavour, and two smaller ones. The two small ships (30-50 feet long, with a slung open-air canoe-sized gondola). Each has an array of two pods hanging out the back, and three souped-up outboard engines with air props mounted, crewed by a pilot, an engineer, and four men with guns. L.R. Thompson is beaten in a handshake contest, and the crew is told to follow the two patrol ships. He then redeems himself by acing his rad slide down the ladder.

The Endeavour is directed to a dock on the side of one of the large gasbags, and the Welcome To Kicking Horse sign tells them the population is 81. The ship is pulled in by a crew that secures the moorings and extends a gangplank. Irma disembarks and the crew follows shortly. Waiting on the dock is the guard-captain from the patrol airship, and a woman in a combination of flathead-area native garb and WWII-era bomber attire, introduced as Mayor Beverly Christiansen. She offers any support possible except manpower which is not available. There is a discussion of a reward, and it comes out that the guard-captain was forbidden from retaking St. Ignatius by force. The guard-captain and a few men are offered as assistance. The crew is invited to stay for the evening meal as guests of the town.

L.R. Thompson informs the crew that he will have his gun out for dinner, to “be like Han”.

The people appear worried and harried. There’s a full complement of town fixtures available. The trading depot is located in the lower levels of the floating town, has a department for trade goods, and a department for equipment. The floor has viewports available to see the ground far below. The clerk is a hunched man, with bushy grey eyebrows and a craggy face, his name is Carl Zerox. The counter is very long and wide, with a small yellow painted square and a large white rectangle for barter. The man offers five shots for the polaroid, and puts it in the yellow square. He also digs up 7 .50 AE rounds for L.R. Thompson. Thompson offers up his half-full decanter of fine whiskey, and after some bartering, the crew acquires all of the film, the 7 .50 AE sounds, and several metal containers for Kioshi’s alchemist work, and also a bonus roll of duct tape, in exchange for the the whiskey decanter and matching glasses.

At the dinner feast, RSM-41 looks awkward standing near the table not eating. On one side of a bag, there’s most of the catholic church attached in various chunks. The town is eating in the community hall/rec center area connected to the kitchen. Long tables, there is a small band providing entertainment during the meal, a man with a guitar, woman singing, and a guy with a harmonica. The food is good, and the crew is seated at the table with the mayor and the village elders. RSM-41’s new nickname is Whorebot, after he accepts power from a cheap orange extension cord. The crew is offered the use of an antitank weapon (like this:, and any special equipment necessary for any crazy plans to retake St. Ignatius.

The mayor says the reward for retaking the town is a complicated looking magnetic key to SMK Holdings, a manufacturing firm that the tribe owned during the war. She gives pictures of a somewhat ruined manufacturing plant, and says the crew is welcome to anything they can find there. “The ghosts of the past haunt that place,” she says, “nobody’s been there since I was a child, and those who went never returned.”

Vic names the antitank gun “Daisy”.

The Endeavor returns to Lake City with Irma, and she parlays with the Ignatians to return to St. Ignatius. The mayor expresses an interest in keeping them around, saying something about not having skilled labor around for a while. The Roomba says “What the hell do you mean no skilled labor in a while?” and the mayor mutters an apology and wanders off. The refugees are hesitant to leave the quiet paradise of Lake City at first, but are soon convinced by L.R. Thompson’s invigorating speech and agree to return to liberate their homeland.

Pip/Prudence wins VIP this session.

Session 3 Jan 2012

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