Session 6 Dec 2011

Salvage and Deseret

The action starts at Lake City, in the lull after the discovery of the Cryogenic Capsule. The refugees from St. Ignatius, Montana express interest in their fellows back home, and ask the crew to travel there in search of information.

RSM-41 tries a sample of the chartreuse goo on his foot, and it seems not to affect him. He volunteers to investigate the downed airship at the Shack. The robit valiantly attempts a solo salvage operation within the wreckage of an airship bearing a pennant with a beehive upon it, the mark of Deseret. This ship is obviously of prewar design, appearing intentionally designed as opposed to the more modern ramshackle vessels.

The robit starts is search in the cockpit, looking for any electronics. He finds an integrated control system that would streamline shipboard operations, and will take two days to fully remove.
In the crew compartment, it finds 12 shotgun shells, a box of .45 rounds, and a full 20-round magazine of 5.56. The cargo compartment there is a wooden pallet of car batteries wired together with a regulator, a veritable airship battery. A ball turret is hanging off the back of the cargo compartment, with a salvageable m60, the motors and gearing for the ball turret, and 156 rounds of linked .308 ammunition. The crew takes 3 days to salvage these items.

The crew heads back to Lake City to take stock and regroup. Victor’s rash is receding, and he appears to be healing from the exposure to the green goo. After installing the upgrades, the Endeavor sets out for St. Ignatius, MT. The first night passes quietly, anchored in the desert due west of The Shack.

On the second day, an airship is spotted from the west, that could only be from Deseret, on an intercepting course. The airship is large, and has a soft, light blue envelope and painted on the side in yellow is the yellow beehive inside a golden box, the sigil of Deseret. Atop the envelope, a figure is signaling to slow down. A ball turret hangs on their gondola, and a pindle mount on a platform off the prow holds a crew served weapon. Using a bullhorn, “Power down your engines, this is the air navy of Deseret, this is an inspection.” The Deseret vessel positions itself above the Endeavor and drops rope ladders.
Two soldiers in blue uniforms, flak jackets and helmets carrying submachine guns, descend first. A Lieutenant Smith descends, and Ambassador Thompson greets them atop the ship. Thompson spills the beans about the location of Lake City, then invites Lt. Smith and the two marines inside the gondola. Lt. Smith opens a map and Thompson declines to provide the specific location of the town. He informs the crew that they are within the nation of Deseret, and therefore are subject to their laws and regulations, and provides the crew with a page of those laws and regulations. He requests an embassy contact at Provo in the near future, and states the intention of searching the vessel for contraband and any salvage materials from Deseret vessels, and asks several questions regarding the nature of travel, and other customs-type inquiries. Thompson provides answers that are relatively vague. A quick inspection is conducted, turning up nothing of note.

During the night, about 2am, the watch-stander sees what was thought to be a stand of cacti raise up, and becomes obviously a large creature not unlike a deer, with sandy, scaly skin and antlers of wooden-looking spiny growths. It is about the size of a school bus. In profile it’s face is almost tutleish, with a bit of a beak. It make a call like a bird-screech with a bleating underneath, then turns and disappears off beyond a rock formations.

The next day, flying near Idaho Falls turns up several crashed airship hulks at a distance from a town. The town appears to be armed with antiaircraft cannon tracking the Endeavor, and the crew keeps a wide berth. The crew pushes on through the night, discharging the batteries to get to St. Ignatius sooner.

Lake County, Montana is mostly similar to pre-war, appearing fairly deserted. Near St. Ignatius, Prudence spies a handful of locals hiding behind a cluster of trees. Thompson signals the group, and a woman holding a rifle non-threateningly waves for the ship to land. Kioshi, Thompson and Victor climb a rope ladder down from Endeavor a sprinting distance away from the strangers. The woman tells them there is nothing for them to see here, just a few honest folk living from the land. Thompson relays the tale of the Dam control room, and the liberation of the group of prisoners, originally from St. Ignatius. Irma informs them that there are a few bands of survivors, and the town is held by a group of Blue Wolves turning it into a resupply base, they have no airships presently, and have occupied the town for several weeks. No ships have been back since the raid. Thompson presses them for information regarding the garrison remaining in St. Ignatius, and finds out there are at least a dozen soldiers, they are looking into reopening the coal mine outside of town, they’re holding prisoners, and a relief force for the town arrived from Pablo not far north, but were defeated. Thompson proposes to bring the liberated slaves from the dam, arm them, and “go all Bay of Pigs on their asses”.

Irma agrees to return to Lake City to help report and gather support in the former Ignatian community for a retaking of St. Ignatius.

Session 6 Dec 2011

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